Frequently Asked Questions…

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Q: I’m nervous about speed dating. What if someone dodgy shows up?

A: Don’t be.  Rest assured that everyone in that room is in the same situation you are in. The event takes place in a public bar or cafe (no dodgy side streets or dark alleyway) and is facilitated at all times. Think about it like going for a date with a chaperone.  We only give out your email addresses to each other if there is a mutual match, so rest assured you will probably never see that person again if you don’t want to!

Q: I don’t really want to attend an event if there isn’t an even men:women ratio.

A: Our events usually attract an even mix of men and women, so be assured there will be a good even mix.


Q: I signed up for your dinner but have special dietary requirements. Will they be catered for?

A: If you signed up for a dinner with a set menu, we can cater for all special dietary requirements. However, please do inform us well in advance what these requirements are. If you signed up for an ala carte dinner, you order and pay for your own food; we will provide the establishment’s menu for your perusal.


Q: I see you offer a free drink at your event but I don’t drink…..

A: The free drink can be substituted for a non-alcoholic beverage so it will not be a problem


Q: How should I dress for the event? I have absolutely nothing to wear!

A: I feel you, I really do. You’re welcome to wear anything you feel comfortable in as long as it fits in the ‘smart casual’ category. Don’t overdress, but you may end up meeting The One so make sure you dress in such a manner that he/she doesn’t become The-One-Who-Could-Have-Been